welding equipment

We are the Master of Welding Rotators:We produce various series of Welding Rotators in accordance with international practice that using national standards JB/T 9187-1999 we design all products. We are also willing to cooperate with customers to design and produce special Welding Rotators for any particular work piece.Our standard Welding Rotator is a kind of equipment for welding wind tower, lamp pole and other metal cylinders, pressure vessel, as well as solid bar. The present series include adjustable type, self-adjusting type, self-aligning type, travel type, tilting type, anti-drift type, and so on.Our Welding Rotator is composed of power unit and rolling unit for mechanical part, working together with electrical box and AC inverter control unit digital display of linear speed. It has the advantages of continuously variable speed, low noise and smooth turning during working.. It is mainly used in switching position of work piece, to get the ideal welding position and speed. It usually works  together with the equipments, like manipulator and welding machines or robot to form the auto-welding system. It can complete welding inner and outer of cylinder work piece in circumference and longitudinal welding and It also can be used in manual welding, assembling, polishing and crack-defection, and so on.